Free Marketing Automation Seminars by Pardot Europe

SeminarLooking to take your marketing automation to the next level? Join Pardot Europe at the free Marketing Automation Seminar on June 22nd in Bracknell and June 23rd in central London. At each morning event, industry experts will present useful and practical advice on how marketing automation can get sales and marketing working together and maximize marketing ROI. Your team will learn best practices on creating effective lead generation and nurturing programs, case studies, and more.

Presenters at the event include:

  • Adam Sharp, Managing Director, CleverTouch Marketing
  • Jeremy Jones, Vice President – Marketing, Datanomic Ltd
  • Joel Harrison, Founder and Editor, B2B Marketing (Panel Chairman)

Following the presentations will be a panel discussion chaired by Joel Harrison. This will then lead into refreshments and networking opportunities for attendees.

If you would like to attend, please complete the short registration form. Further event details will be sent after you complete the registration.

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