Free Buzz Tracking Tools to Monitor Your Digital Footprint

There are a number of free web-based tracking tools you can use to monitor the buzz surrounding your company online.  We’ve compiled a list of our favorites:

  • Google Alerts: get Google to send you alerts at certain intervals to stay updated on mentions of your company, your product, and industry-related news.
  • Technorati: lets you check the status of your corporate blog by monitoring your authority rank and viewing trend charts for certain keywords mentioned in blog posts.
  • Trendpedia: provides keyword trend charts, but allows you to click on an area of the chart to view a list of articles mentioning that particular term.
  • Tweetvolume: creates a bar chart to compare keyword mentions on Twitter.
  • Compete: the “search analytics” feature allows you to see what keywords bring the most traffic to your site, and what sites are clicked on the most as a result of searching a particular keyword.
  • Alexa: allows you to compare web traffic data for multiple websites across different time intervals.