Five Tips for More Email Subscribers

There’s no getting around it: when it comes to acquiring email subscribers, B2C companies have a definite advantage over B2B.

Yes, attractive HTML emails filled with images of consumer products and promises of sales and discounts are hard to beat as a B2B company. But your email subscribers are the regular readers of your content, the biggest fans of your product, and often the most effective advocates of your brand — so trying to gain more of them is a worthwhile endeavor for any marketer. Let’s take a look at five tips for B2B marketers looking to up their number of subscribers.

Offer Incentive

It’s a no-brainer, but the most important thing to communicate when trying to recruit subscribers is value. After all, no one is out searching for ways to fill up their inbox — potential subscribers want to receive worthwhile benefits in exchange for their contact information. Sure, these benefits may be a little easier to offer for a B2C company (coupons, secret sales, etc.), but don’t forget that B2B companies have a lot of valuable resources to share with their subscribers as well. Through case studies, primary research, tutorials, and best practices, you can provide a wealth of knowledge that subscribers would have to search for (or even pay for) elsewhere. Make sure that you clearly outline the types of valuable resources your subscribers will receive wherever you ask for contact information.

Play to Exclusivity

Everyone enjoys feeling like they’re a part of something important. As people who have opted in to receiving regular communication from you, your subscribers are a part of a group that should be very important to you, so make them feel important. Create the feeling of an exclusive club by making sure your subscribers are the first to hear about exciting news like product updates, new features, and recent studies — and by making sure they know they’re the first.

Perfect Your Call To Action

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: call to action wording may seem like a small detail but it can have a significant impact on a prospect’s decision to convert. Your call to action should communicate your incentive, and should allude to what a prospect will get by converting — not what they will have to do to convert. For example, “Be the first to hear about our upcoming webinars!” sounds like a valuable opportunity; “Register for our mailing list” sounds like work. For more help with crafting compelling calls to action, be sure to check out our free tip sheet.

Note Your Frequency

Cluttered inboxes are a constant concern for marketers and consumers alike. Providing an email address always raises the same nagging question: “Am I about to be bombarded with marketing messages?” Put these fears at ease by clearly stating how often you will be reaching out (“Stay on top of our latest features with our monthly newsletter!”). Better yet, provide your subscribers with options for how often they hear from you.

Provide Plenty of Opportunities to Opt-In

Finally, make sure that you’re providing plenty of opportunities for your audience to subscribe — after all, they’re unlikely to spend much time looking for a “Subscribe” button. Whenever you publish valuable content, consider adding a call-out for your email list towards the bottom of the page. By providing something of value, you’ve earned trust with your audience, so take advantage of that moment when they finish reading and allow them to take the next step towards becoming a dedicated fan of your content.

What are some other effective methods for gaining more email subscribers? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section.