Five Questions with Alicia Garibaldi of Glassdoor

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fivequestionswithglassdoorThis week, we’re excited to feature Alicia Garibaldi of Glassdoor. You already know Glassdoor, the company and jobs review site that gives applicants a clear and current picture of a company’s work culture, and gives employers instant feedback about what they’re doing right (and wrong.) Alicia is the Associate Director of B2B Marketing there, and knows the B2B journey as well as anyone. She’s written the book “Employer Branding for Dummies,” and regularly contributes to the Glassdoor blog. She was also named Top B2B Marketer at the 2015 Killer Content Awards. They’re not only great B2B marketers, but Glassdoor is a Salesforce customer. Enjoy this special Five Questions with Alicia!

Glassdoor’s Approach to B2B Marketing

At Glassdoor, we partner with brands across all industries and sizes to help them recruit top talent by building a strong employer brand. Today’s candidate experience is becoming one that is no different from they way companies are used to marketing to their customers. Candidates have more information at their fingertips to decide whether or not to work for a company and Glassdoor provides the tools for employers to harness and leverage this information to make smarter recruiting and branding decisions. The best part is we also make it free for employers to get started with a Free Employer Account!

What are you most excited about in the current B2B marketing scene?

I’m most excited about influencer marketing, interactive content and video right now. I do feel like there is a shift occurring with content where it’s less about reading eBook after eBook and more about templates and an experience that you can give the customer through content. I’m constantly thinking how we can make the buyer’s life easier and most of those ideas are moving away from giving them pages and pages of literature that they don’t have time to read. That’s why I love Dummies books! They are such skimmable, quick and easy content to digest. It’s like giving your buyer the cliff notes to a topic that they’re hoping to better understand.

What do you see as your biggest marketing challenges?

Our biggest challenge is bandwidth to execute all the great ideas that we have, as well as segmenting our audience so we can give them the tool they need at the time that they want it most. It’s all about creating a personal experience for your audience that really resonates for them. That and relying less on email and more on other strategies that drive more top of funnel interest in our products.

What or who inspires you, and why?

Arianna Huffington and Lisa Sugar. They just spoke at our inaugural Glassdoor Summit and they are such inspiring women. I loved their advice to harness your passion and do what you love everyday, as well as taking the time to meditate and decompress in order to be more productive. As women, we do have the power to change how the world operates and provide smarter solutions to younger generations, so there will be less burn out in the workplace. At Glassdoor, I truly feel that we are leading this change in companies.

What is your greatest marketing achievement so far?

Thus far, it’s writing three For Dummies books on behalf of Glassdoor around Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing and Talent Analytics. They have been so valuable to our audience and it makes me light up to see how excited customers are when they receive the hardcopy of the book. I think content marketing is all about creating memorable experiences that make your customer’s daily life easier. It instantly creates trust and further interest in your brand.

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