Fill in prospect details with Jigsaw data

Feature Overview

We have just released a major update to the way Pardot interacts with Jigsaw. Previously the Jigsaw icon next to the prospect’s name simply opened a search in Jigsaw for the prospect. Now if you click the icon, it will open up a dialog showing you which fields are available to pull down from Jigsaw. You can see which fields you already have data for in Pardot and choose whether or not to pull in the Jigsaw data (and overwrite the existing data).

Pardot Jigsaw Integration

Why are some data points not pre-checked?

  • Pardot does not pre-check Revenue or Employees. We request these from Jigsaw in the form of an integer (rather than the more intuitive range) since that is what certain CRM systems (including require when syncing with those fields. Since this is not always accurate, we have left this up to the user.
  • Pardot also does not pre-check phone number. Since phone number is not a free data point in Jigsaw (you must have an account and pay for the information), we are searching for the company record’s phone number rather than the contact record’s.

Why isn’t Jigsaw data automatically pulled in?

Since Jigsaw is a crowd-sourced database, you will occasionally see records that contain inaccurate or incomplete data. Because there is the potential for a miss, we did not want to allow automatic syncing with Jigsaw.

Can I tie this in to my paid Jigsaw account?

Not currently. For now, we are using Jigsaw’s public API’s to access free data (which is a wealth of data). You will not be able to pull in paid information through this feature.

What if I still just want to search for the record in Jigsaw?

Not a problem — you can still pull up the search by clicking the Jigsaw icon in the data sync pop-up. There have been no changes to the company lookup — the icon next to the company name still pulls up a search in Jigsaw.

Search in Jigsaw