Facebook Faces New Privacy Criticism

Facebook has instituted a slew of changes in recent weeks, and one can only assume it has to do with their 100 billion dollar IPO and the newfound earnings pressure that comes from such an exorbitant valuation. With shareholders to please, and ever-increasing pressure to prove their social media platform’s worth, Facebook has tried to act quickly to try to stem the stock fallout and criticism.

Facebook has begun rolling out new monetization possibilities, some transparent and expected, and others… well, not so much.

Facebook Email Flop

Late last month, Facebook changed users’ emails to @facebook last week and received sharp and instant criticism as they failed to notify users of the upcoming change. The possible reasons behind this change are many. Facebook could use the giant email list they created to sell to advertisers. Or, in a more likely scenario, they are trying to get their users to engage on the site for longer periods of time, and more frequently. Increased engagement and time on site are two metrics that Facebook could sell to potential advertisers.

TIP: changing your @facebook email back to your original one is annoying but not difficult.  To change your Facebook email to your chosen email:

1. Click on your “About” section under your contact info
2. Click on “Contact Info” and then edit
3. Go to the @facebook email and click on the “Hidden From Timeline” option
4. Select the email you want to display on your timeline

A longer, more important question for Facebook is its advertising efficacy.  It seems that its users are already tuning out Facebook’s advertising attempts, and with major advertisers like GM already walking away (and back again?) from the channel, times may be getting tougher for the Zuckerberg-led company.

Have you found any success with your Facebook advertising campaigns?  If you have (or haven’t), let us know – we’d love to hear your thoughts.