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Skeptical about exactly what Facebook can do for your business, except maybe distract your colleagues, I stumbled across a webinar on Hubspot titled How to Use Facebook for Business. I learned a lot from the webinar and I wanted to share some of the tips I picked up on for setting your company up on Facebook. Something important to know before getting started is that you should compare Facebook to a cocktail party, but one with no time or space boundaries. At a cocktail party you would not just go up to a person and try and push your product, there is proper ettiquette you need to follow and the same applies to Facebook.

1. Create an Engaging Page: If you want people to come to your page you need to make sure there is something there that they want. It is a great place to post upcoming events, photos, videos, blog posts, and discussions. All of these things will encourage your fans to frequent the page for new information and even become a part of the page by posting comments.

2. Take Advantage of the News Feed: News feed is the first thing every Facebook user sees when they log on, and everytime someone engages with your page, whether becoming a fan, commenting on your wall, or posting on the discussion board, their activity will be shared with their network. Not only does it come up on their news feed, but it will also show on their profile wall. This is great because people looking at their page are able to click on the activity and it will take them straight to your fan page!

3. Draw on your Network: Most likely you already have an existing network and are using Facebook to enlarge it and get your product out there. Take advantage of your existing network, include a link in your e-mail signature, talk about your fan page in your monthly newsletter or blog, and post a link to the page on your website. Someone is more likely to take a second look at a group with lots of fans.

4. Optimize for Search: There are two different ways to optimize on Facebook. The first is with Facebook search, and your ranking is based on your number of fans, so the more you let people know you are there and aquire more fans, the higher you will rank. Second, is public search. Facebook now gives you a choice to make your page public, which allows your page to come up if it is searched in a public search engine.

5. Advertise on Facebook: With a very small budget, it is possible to launch a very succesful advertising campaign on Facebook. Facebook has an extremely low click-through rate and using the pay-per-click option allows for lots of impressions with a low cost to your company.

When used correctly, Facebook is a great way to get your company out there. Follow these helpful tips to set up your comapny?s fan page and Facebook will soon be helping your company instead of a distraction.

Inspired by what I learned, we decided to get a Pardot page started on Facebook too.
Click here and become a fan of Pardot!

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