Exploring the Art of Driving Engagement

Well, we’ve officially finished out April and concluded last month’s theme of “customer-centric marketing” (for a quick look at some of our top content, be sure to check out yesterday’s wrap-up post). In May, we’ll be tackling a whole new theme: the art of driving engagement.

Engagement is something that is far too often overlooked by marketers — possibly because it seems like an abstract concept that’s outside the realm of control. But creating all the content in the world, having a beautiful, cutting-edge website, and a presence on every social media channel out there — if people aren’t engaging with your brand, it won’t do you any good. So this month we’re doing a deep dive into questions of engagement: what drives prospects to engage, how to increase engagement levels, and how to measure your success.

Just like last month, our content won’t focus exclusively on customer engagement (we’ll still be bringing you plenty of posts on marketing automation features and B2B marketing best practices), but we will try to touch base regularly on this central theme over the next several weeks. Check out a few of the questions we’ll be exploring below:

1. How can you optimize engagement with your content? 

2. How can you optimize engagement with your brand across social channels?

3. What does a prospect’s engagement with your website tell you about their interests, and how can you use this information to personalize the buyer’s cycle?

4. What are some important metrics to look at to measure engagement levels?

5. What are some tactics for measuring (and improving) engagement with your brand?

6. How can marketing automation help?

Anxious to start reading up on this topic? Check out some of the resources below, and feel free to get the conversation going in our comments section!