What To Expect At Dreamforce ’17

Whether it’s your first time to Dreamforce or you’re a seasoned veteran (cough – I did go last year – cough), this year is going to pack a punch. For marketers, we’ve got a ton of content created with you in mind. Marketers have been doing some amazing things this year, and B2B Marketers in particular have been changing the game. That’s why, for us here at Pardot, Dreamforce 2017 is all about celebrating B2B marketers from every industry and vertical and bringing you all together to share and exchange ideas, learn, and have a great time.

Pardot’s got big plans for our B2B Trailblazers – but Dreamforce itself is also bigger and better than ever before. Whether you’ve been before so here are five things that you can be sure will be part of your Dreamforce experience:

1. Crowds

Dreamforce is over 100,000 strong, and as one of the largest tech events in the world, it’s definitely going to be busy. Lots of people means you can expect queues to form here and there, so to beat the crowd, make sure you bookmark the sessions you’re most interested in seeing and plan your agenda so that you can get to the right hotel a little early. The crowds will be a breeze if you’re at the front of the line! There will also be things happening outside as you wander around the campus. Wherever lots of people are, there’s sure to be something to do, watch, eat or see – so look out for opportunities to see some cool stuff in between your sessions.

2. At Least One Great Party

Now, I know Dreamforce is all about learning and networking and building your skills, but it’s important to make sure that you’re making time for at least one great party in the evening. There’s a ton to choose from, but if I might make a recommendation, I’d suggest checking out the Pardot and CPQ welcome party on Monday night. You might recall our special guest last year, and we’re planning for another surprise attendee to get the party going… Just saying. The Pardot party might just be the way to get Dreamforce week off to an amazing start.

3. Tons of opportunities to learn more

Ever wanted to dig into the nitty gritty of building campaigns in Engagement Studio with a pro on hand to advise you? Or how about figuring out how Pardot, Salesforce CRM and Einstein fit together to make your marketing smarter? One of the most amazing things about Dreamforce is the ability to learn more about what YOU want to know. We’ve got over 50 session planned – just for B2B marketers, but that’s not all. Beyond our sessions there’s hands on training and workshops, customer groups and help centers – 1 on 1 sessions and other opportunities to sit down with an expert and figure out how to get the most out of your Salesforce technology stack.

4. Celebrity sightings

Every year, there’s some fantastic opportunities to see amazing speakers from some of the most well-known brands, as well as out-and-out celebrities sharing their stories. Check out the Dreamforce site to see who this year’s featured speakers are, and make sure you bookmark Marc’s Keynote to see celebs like Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher take the stage!

5. Catching up with fellow marketers

Dreamforce is a great time to network with your fellow attendees. Catch up with people who presented sessions that you loved last year, and look for familiar faces in this year’s speaker line-up. Join your teammates at the B2B Marketing Station for coffee, or arrange to meet with a whole new team to see how they’re utilizing their Pardot instance in new and exciting ways. Hang out in the Marketing, Commerce and Retail Lodge and get the full picture of Salesforce for Marketing.

There’s plenty to do at every Dreamforce, and this year is no different. It’s time to start getting ready for an amazing week – what are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!