Even more dynamic list functionality


Pardot has always had the ability to add and remove prospects from lists dynamically via automation rules and completion actions, and today we’re extending that functionality by allowing Professional Edition and higher users to create dynamic rule-based lists as well.

Dynamic list options are available in the standard create and edit list screen using the standard rule builder

Rule-based dynamic lists behave very similarly to existing lists, including those constructed with automation rules and completion actions. Just as you’d expect, these rule-based lists can be used as recipients or suppression lists for an email newsletter, to seed a drip nurturing program, or used in further automation or segmentation criteria (“prospect list is…”). The rule builder interface should be very similar to anyone who has ever created an automation or segmentation – all the criteria and match options are available here as well.

Differences between rules-based lists and lists

However, there are some things you can’t do with rule-based lists. You can’t manually add or remove prospects – instead, their membership gets refreshed on a regular interval a few times per hour. Because of this, you won’t see dynamic lists as an option in dropdowns in the import screen, data tables, or anywhere else throughout Pardot where you manually control list membership.

Overall, rule-based lists will help streamline workflow (you no longer have to create a list AND automation rules) and clean up and clarify list usage and automation rules by allowing the rules to be co-located on the list rather than spread across two different places in Pardot.

Professional Edition accounts can have up to 50 of these active at once, while Enterprise and Ultimate Edition accounts do not have a limit.

How can I see when a list was last refreshed?

We display the Last refreshed time in both the lists table (if you filter the view to Dynamic lists) or if you click on the name of the one of the dynamic lists.

Refresh Dynamic Lists