Your Essential SEO Checklist

Even though Google has already altered the search landscape with their announcement about their Hummingbird update, many things about your approach to SEO won’t change. For one, your content still matters. Not only will high-quality content gain you inbound links, it will also make Google see you as an authority in your industry, bumping up your PageRank. Without good content, all of the effort you put into SEO will be for naught.

And while Google’s update will have the largest impact on keywords, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop incorporating them into your content and page metadata. Keyword data from organic search may be harder to come by, but you still have other resources you can turn to for insight into what your buyers are searching for: Google Keyword Planner, Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Bing, just to name a few. These tools will give you enough data to be able to tell which keywords you should be focusing on (remember, choose the keywords with the best combination of the following: relevancy, low competition, and high search volume).

But what do you do once you’ve decided on the content you’d like to create and the keywords that you’d like to target? Take a look at our SEO checklist to make sure you don’t miss any essential steps when it comes to optimizing your web content (and stay tuned for our upcoming SEO Handbook!).

SEO checklist

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