Enjoy Some Email Marketing Inspiration

Ever wonder what others are doing with their email marketing? Sometimes it seems like B2C marketers get to have all the fun, with flashy graphics and designs, but there’s no reason those of us on the B2B side can’t take a little inspiration from their success – and learn something from their mistakes!

The Retail Email Blog posted a little bit of both this month. Last week they brought us the 2008 Design Hall of Fame, with examples of eye-catching design, awesome call-to-action messaging and innovative animation and video integration.

This week, they bring us some valuable – and somewhat entertaining – lessons in the 2008 Oopsy Hall of Fame. Peruse the list to see some of the top “flubs” of the year, including subject line slips like Target’s, which simply read “subject line,” empty emails, coding and textual errors.

We all get a little nervous when we hit the send button and blast to hundreds, or thousands, of waiting inboxes. Use the mistakes of others to create a “before you send checklist” to avoid common mistakes – or just use them to feel a little better about your own mishaps!