Enhancing Customer Intimacy With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is sometimes criticized for making sales interactions too automated and impersonal, but consider for a moment a few of the ways in which marketing automation is actually adding a personal touch to the sales cycle.

Customer relationship management tools were created under the notion that the more you know about your customer, the easier it will be to develop profitable long-term relationships. CRMs have now become indispensable tools for sales and marketing teams alike, and have revolutionized the process of recording, organizing, and distributing information about customer actions, preferences, and behavior.

Imagine the perceived difference for a customer when a sales rep not only remembers his or her name but can immediately reference previous concerns and topics of interest. This experience adds a previously unimaginable degree of personalization to the sales cycle — and undoubtedly raises customer expectations. Today, if you can’t retrieve relevant customer information immediately upon contact with that person, you are behind the competition.

Fortunately, marketing automation solutions have made it easier to meet the raised expectations of our customers. Here are two ways marketing automation is making it easier to maximize customer intimacy:

Drip Marketing

A few years ago being able to provide content based on the actions of a customer would have required a great deal of effort in recording and identifying patterns in user action. Today, automated drip marketing tools make that process effortless.

Drip marketing strategies send personalized emails with information or content to prospects or customers based on their actions or based on a prescribed timeframe. These campaigns ensure that your prospects or customers are receiving extremely relevant content at the exact moment they need it.

Detailed Prospect Records

The amount of information one can track for individual customers or prospects has grown dramatically. Marketing automation solutions give you access to a staggering amount of information. Here are a few ways that marketing automation can provide insight:

Recent Activity Social Media Company Info
See the types of content with which a prospect has been interacting. What pages have they been visiting on your website? Have they opened that last email campaign you sent? All of this information is right at your fingertips — and in real time. See who you are talking to by importing a prospect’s social media profiles into your marketing automation solution. See their social profile pictures and link to their LinkedIn account. Use data.com to gather all available information about your customer or prospects company. Contact info, department breakdowns, and even revenue are available to you from within your marketing automation solutions.


Consumers have raised their expectations for the amount of personalization they want and expect from a company. Fully utilizing a marketing automation solution can help you better cater to your prospects and customers and build healthy, and profitable long-term relationships.