Enabling Continuous Customer Engagement

You’ve read the stats:

Buyers have completed 57% of their purchase journey by the time they get in touch with your sales reps. (CEB Global), and 80% of sales require 5+ follow up touches to complete. (The Marketing Donut)

This is not about a campaign, it’s a dialogue

We’ve moved into an era of marketing as an educational vehicle designed to inform buyers and add value to a conversation that they’ve already taken part in. So, how do you engage your buyer in an ongoing conversation that’s relevant to them? This is not about a campaign, it’s a dialogue. Marketers report “creating engaging content” as a main challenge, however, content is the foundation of building a strong relationship with your buyer. A single campaign requires a continuous stream of high octane content-fuel needed to power your Pardot investment.


Execution is the key

Intuitively, this makes sense. 72% of marketers agree that producing quality content is their #1 focus (Canam Research: Trends in Data 2016), but 67% of marketers rank content creation as their #1 challenge (Demand Gen Report: 2016 Content Preferences Survey). So, how do you get the job done? Traditional answers include building your own in-house team of specialists or hiring freelance talent, but when you consider the range of skills needed to create a variety of engaging content, management time and cost soon become prohibitive. Agencies can be an option, but finding once that gels and focuses on campaign optimization (see blog post “Optimize Your Campaigns By Testing Content” https://www.pardot.com/blog/optimize-campaigns-testing-content/), can become a pricey option. Today’s marketer is an educator creating an ongoing curriculum designed to educate and inform, and enable continuous customer engagement.

If you’re a current Pardot customer, you can join us for our Office Hours webinar: How to Enable Continuous Customer Engagement.