Enable tracking opt-in on a per country basis

A couple of weeks ago we released an optional tracking parameter that would request permission before tracking a visitor. This was done to comply with the recent EU privacy directive.

Thanks to a client’s suggestion, we have taken this much further and you can now enable this on a per country basis. You do not need to modify your tracking code in any way and simply enable this under Administration (there is a text link for Tracking Opt-in Preferences at the top of the Administration Overview page).

The beauty of this solution is that detects the visitors location such that your North American visitors will never see the permission pop-up, but other countries you specify will.

Tracking Opt-in by Country

If the visitor opts out of tracking, he or she will not be asked again unless he or she deletes cookies or visits from a different browser. If the visitor opts out of tracking, Pardot treats it in exactly the same manner as though the browser had sent a Do Not Track header.

Permission Based Tracking Example

What is not tracked?

  • Page views
  • Form and landing page views
  • File downloads
  • Custom redirect clicks

What is still tracked?

  • Form and landing page submissions
  • Email sends, opens, and clicks

This solution makes Pardot amongst the most compliant and flexible analytics solution with respect to the EU Privacy Directive.