Make Your Emails More Social

Even though the world is seemingly dominated by social media, we’ve still written several times about the continued power of email. Despite all of the hype over new social technologies, email remains one of the most effective and affordable ways to generate leads.

While many view email and social as separate entities, there is tremendous benefit to merging the two. Here are two reasons you should be making your emails more social:

  1. The reach of an email campaign is finite. Your message will be delivered to the recipients on your list, and if you’re lucky, it might get forwarded to a few additional contacts. The reach of social networks is far greater, which gives social media its viral potential.
  1. Your social media sites are a more controlled environment, designed to convey your brand message and expose visitors to further company content and information. Getting your readers out of their email clients and into your social environments gives you more control over their actions and their perception of your company.

So how do you incorporate social media into your next email campaign? Here are two quick and easy ways to start blending the two strategies together to form something even better:

Subscribe Buttons
Add links to your emails that allow readers to subscribe to your social profiles. Your email recipients are great candidates for following you on social media because they’re already interested in your company, so they might be curious to see what other content you offer. Providing links to your social profiles also allows your visitors to experience and learn more about your company on their own terms.

Enable Sharing
Add social sharing buttons to email content. Hopefully your email content is compelling enough to make your audience want to share it with their networks. Adding buttons for sharing helps make this process as easy as possible. The more your content is shared, the more reach and impact your email campaigns will have.

While both of these changes are small, they can have a dramatic impact on the overall effectiveness of your social and email marketing. Separately, both tools are still very effective. But together, they can give you more reach than they ever could separately.