The E-mail Preflight Checklist

What goes into a successful email marketing campaign? For a relatively basic component of internet marketing, there are a lot of points to consider when sending out the perfect eblast. Do you have an attention-grabbing subject line? Are you sending the right content, and at the right time? Will the content show up on different platforms and devices?

If there’s one thing we learned from our recent survey, it’s that email marketing, though evolving, is far from irrelevant for B2B marketers. Researching best practices, trying out different formulas and optimizing your email marketing campaigns are all worthwhile time investments ? and so is making sure that all of your efforts don?t go to waste in someone?s spam filter. So don?t forget to monitor deliverability: print out the following checklist, hang it by your desk and make sure that each email campaign you send out is not only effective, but also reaches it?s target.

The Email Preflight Check. Three steps to make sure your emails get delivered. Full text at bottom of page.
Want some more tips for improving your deliverability score? Check out our webinar on this topic.

E-mail Preflight Check Infographic (Text Version)

Three steps to make sure your emails get delivered.

Step 1: Preview Platforms

You should test compatibility on multiple email client and devices. The best services will allow you to perform a comprehensive check to ensure email compatibility and to preview your emails on different clients and devices.

Step 2: Text & HTML Formats

Create both HTML and Text formats of your emails for text only devices like Blackberries. Some services will automatically generate both versions for you. This is a necessity in reaching mobile users.

Step 3: Run Spam Checks

Know the deliverability score of your emails. Make sure you are checking all of your emails for ?spammy? words and deliverable formats in order to ensure delivery and stay out of spam filters.

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