4 Email Marketing Lessons I Learned from Personal Relationships (Part 1)

It’s no secret that I adore themed blog posts, and February is definitely my favorite time for picking a theme for my writing. Of course, this month’s theme is relationships! In this series, I’ll be covering “the perfect man” email, common breakup lines, and vanity metrics as they relate to friendships. Let’s jump right into today’s post!

Everyone has a vision of the perfect person for them — maybe he’s tall and likes long walks on the beach, maybe she’s a professional Netflix watcher — the point is, we all have that special ideal someone that we use as a personal metric for a potential partner. I’m willing to bet you’ve never thought of that as it can relate to your own email sending campaigns, but I’m here to do just that!

Take a look at the following list of takeaways that apply just as much to your email marketing as they do your personal relationships.

Be interesting

When you meet someone, there’s generally some sort of checklist of items that helps you decide whether or not this person might be a good match, whether it’s a romantic match or simply a friendship. The first question for me is, “Is this person interesting?” Do they have some sort of story to tell, or something unique to them that makes me want to learn more?

Ask yourself that as it relates to your website. Would you fill out your own forms (be honest!) and click around your own site? If the answer to that is no, that’s definitely the place to start improving! Make it so that even you would definitely sign up for your own marketing emails.

Falling in love should be easy, not forced

Once you start getting to know someone, falling in love with this person should be easy. It should be a relationship where you want to see them, it’s easy to hang out with them, and they’re not too difficult to get ahold of. Your relationship is not forced in any way; things are just simple.

Now, apply that to your opt-in process. Are your forms easy to read and fill out? Is it completely clear what I’m signing up for, and are you thanking me for taking the time to hang out with you by sending me a welcome email? Am I completely aware of what I’m getting into, and how frequently we’re going to see each other? If it’s a long distance relationship and I’m only going to really get to see you(r emails) every few months, tell me! The more aware I am of what I’m signing up for with this relationship, the better.

Make it apparent that you really are invested in the relationship. Make sure I’m aware of what I’m getting myself into and that you do want to move things forward in the relationship.

They should be there, but not be *too* clingy

Hey. Hi. Hey, what are you doing? Hey, when are we hanging out again? When are you going to open my email? Come on, just buy one more thing.

Being overly attached way too quickly can be a major issue in a relationship, but it’s also important to not suddenly disappear. If you’re following the advice above and telling me how often I’ll be hearing from you, don’t increase that without asking me first. If I expect you to email me every week, and you start emailing me multiple times a day, I’m going to want out, and FAST, because that’s not the relationship I expected. It’s important to maintain expectations and not jump into over-emailing me, or we will definitely be on the road to a breakup.

Be thoughtful, invested, and responsive to my needs

In that same vein of setting and sticking to expectations, you should also be responsive to my needs. If I need some time to myself and you need to chill out with your emailing, give me that option through an email preferences page. If I tell you I really don’t want to talk about certain topics because they just don’t interest me, again, use that email preferences page to let me choose what I’m actually interested in. Make sure you’re engaging me with content that is relevant to me and my life, so I’ll be legitimately excited to hear from you. You’re sure to keep the relationship alive by routinely asking me what I want, and honoring those requests.

That covers it for today’s post in my new “relationship” series. Did I leave any traits out? Tweet me @holobachgirl, and stay tuned for the next post!

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2 thoughts on “4 Email Marketing Lessons I Learned from Personal Relationships (Part 1)

  • Hi Skyler, Thanks for posting such an interesting blog. “The perfect man” email concept is very imaginative way to express your points of view. By not forcing, however by telling a story. Great going for part 1.

  • So amazing. Never thought to use this approach to email marketing. My company uses more of a traditional model, but appealing to emotion could be perfect for our market. Thanks for sharing!

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