Email Marketing Best Practices: Testing

You’ve mapped out a great design and filled it with engaging content. Now what? Well, you’ve got the first two hurdles out of the way, but you’re not finished yet! Here’s some best practices for testing your emails:

  • Look before you leap. Prior sending out your email, see how the design renders by testing it in the most widely used email clients (e.g. Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.) and browsers (e.g., Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). As a part of the Gold Email Package, Pardot has an integrated rendering engine that automates this testing step for you.
  • Don’t forget mobile devices! The popularity of mobile web is rapidly outpacing traditional desktop access, so don’t overlook this crucial aspect of testing. Make sure your message renders correctly on all mobile devices, and don’t limit your testing to just the iPhone.
  • Follow best practices for deliverability. This is a no-brainer: you don’t want your awesome emails to get hung up on a formality. Pardot helps you maximize your emails’ deliverability with automatic email authentication.
  • Avoid the spam filters. Pardot has an integrated spam analysis tool that lets you test against the top spam filters to make sure your message will get through. If your message keeps getting tagged as spam, figure out why and fix it!
  • Keep on testing. You may want to test slight variations of your email to determine the most effective subject line and calls to action based on number of opens or clickthroughs. Use this information to fine-tune future email campaigns.