Email Marketing Best Practices: Design

The first step in any successful campaign is to map out the design of your intended messages. Consider the following best practices for email design:

  • Emails should look clean and streamlined. If you’ve got a solid and relevant message, you don’t need to hide it behind fancy fonts or complicated formatting. Keep it simple for maximum impact.
  • Emails should clearly communicate main points, even when skimmed quickly. Visual cues like bullet points and bolded keywords and sentences will help casual readers easily sort out your email’s most important takeaways. Time-pressed prospects might not read every word you write, but bolded or bulleted items will automatically stand out with even the briefest scan.
  • Emails should focus on textual content and use images sparingly (if at all). The majority of email clients have images turned off by default, so design for that lowest common denominator. Also, consider sending text-only emails, especially for B2B audiences.
  • Emails should look great in preview mode. Preview panes are typically only a few hundred pixels tall. Keep this in mind when designing your emails so you can be sure that the message’s lead-in looks as good as it reads.