Email Campaigns Part 2: Improving Click-Through Rate

So your e-mail made it to the inbox…now what? Half the battle is won but getting your reader to open your e-mail and actually click on your ad or link to your website can be really tough. Here are some tips to help your Click-Through Rate:

Tempt your Readers: Give your readers a little taste of your product, if you show them everything they won’t bother clicking through to your website or landing page, which is the goal. Follow in the footsteps of itunes who offers a clip of each song, enough to tempt the listener to buy it. Your e-mail should leave them wanting more.

Keep Advertisements to a Minimum: The purpose of an e-mail campaign is to sell your product, however an e-mail that gives the reader nothing to read besides “24 Hour Special 15% off” will likely result in them ignoring it and any further e-mails they receive from your company. Especially in B2B sales, there needs to be something else, a white paper or even a blog post, that entices them to continue on to your website.

Designed for the Reader: Most people first see your e-mail in the preview pane and then decide whether or not to view the full e-mail. Knowing this, it is important to design your e-mail for the preview pane. Whatever they see in that space needs to capture their attention so they actually open the e-mail.

Give the Reader what they want:
Prospect Insight offers drip nurturing which allows you to tailor each e-mail campaign for each prospect. Depending on the action of the recipient, the campaign adjusts itself so that the    reader will be encouraged to open the e-mail.

When preparing an e-mail campaign it is important to remember that the purpose is to get the reader interested in your product and onto your website. Keep these tips in mind while getting ready to launch an e-mail campaign and you should see improvement in your click through rate.