Email Campaigns Part 1: Successful Reporting Strategies

Are your subscribers opening the e-mails you are blasting them with each day, week, or month? We all want our answer to be yes, but the truth is that not everyone reads every e-mail they receive. While reading THE DAILY FIX, I realized that e-mail campaigns are often not being tracked properly, which is a huge problem for companies. When analyzing results properly, the information can lead to higher ROI and more money for worthwhile marketing initiatives. There are many metrics that business’s measure but it is important to take a step back and look at what is driving those numbers. It is also important to find out what is working and then adjust e-mail campaigns to fit the needs of those they are aimed at, and re-engage them before they are gone forever. By looking at a few simple numbers you can find out the problems in your e-mail campaigns. Prospect Insight allows for an easy overview of all e-mail campaigns. The things you should be paying attention to are:

Click-through rates: How many people are opening your emails? If it is low for your industry or even your company’s expectations then you need to find ways to bring it up.

Bounced E-mails: How many e-mails are actually reaching their destination? There are many reasons an e-mail may not make it to an inbox. It is important to learn the rules of SPAM and your sender score, which gives you the likelihood of your e-mail reaching an inbox in the next 30 days, to make sure you are doing everything right.

Opt out rate: How many people are choosing to unsubscribe from your campaign? This number should be looked at closely with your click-through rates. It takes an extra step (even if it is just one click) to opt out, so most of the time your emails will just be ignored, therefore if your opt out rate is high that is probably not a good sign.

Once you have gotten to the root of your problem it is time to revamp your e-mails to wow your subscribers and increase your click-through rate.  I will talk more about this in Part 2 of this blog…soon to come.