Elevate 2011 Twitter Hall of Fame

We had so much fun at Elevate, and one of our favorite parts was seeing all the tweets from our excited attendees! We’ve picked out a few of the messages we saw throughout the Pardot User Conference and highlighted them here. Congratulations to these top tweeters! You kept us smiling.

Did u know that #pardot is latvian for marketing? It’s not french for……something french. Lessons learned at #pardot2011

#Pardot2011 was amazing. So much work to do now. @Pardot rocks the party that rocks the party. Cheers!

#pardot2011 drip concepts from @msweezey are NOT your grandaddy’s drip campaigns. Chaser emails are genius. #betterdrip

Need more hours in my day to incorporate all these good ideas from #pardot2011

So cool to see @Pardot users who care so much about what they’re doing w/ web marketing. A truly passionate bunch here at #pardot2011.

having hard time not dancing on table listening to @znbailey talk about new @Pardot features..lifecycles and better forms FTW #Pardot2011

New funnel tiering for leads. Sweet! #Roadmap #Pardot2011 My clients will think I’m a magician. A furious magician Spencer!

Making lists easier? Yes yes yes! I’m one of those people with sticky notes on my face. #pardot2011

#pardot2011 Gotta love a conference preso that references the #HoneyBadger.

Using @Pardot to send out a customer email while at #pardot2011 🙂

#Pardot2011 Every @Pardot employee I pass has a big smile on their face! So great to see!

Thanks again to everyone who attended Elevate 2011 and took part in the conversation. We have a fantastic Pardot community!