Einstein Account-Based Marketing Just Got Even Smarter

If you’re new to Einstein Account-Based Marketing it’s built on Salesforce and gives marketers the ability to leverage Salesforce platform features like AI, and Analytics. To extend the power of the solution, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Demandbase. Demandbase will be the newest addition to our amazing suite of AppExchange partners who provide additional ways to expand your Einstein Account-Based Marketing solutions.

Demandbase is the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), and they launched this new integration at their 5th Annual ABM Innovation Summit where Pardot’s founder Adam Blitzer delivered a keynote address. Extending this collaboration will give Pardot customers the ability to combine real-time ‘intent-to-buy’ data and account insights from Demandbase’s AI-powered Conversion Solution with the contact and account records from users’ Salesforce Pardot data.

“Einstein ABM arms teams with the insights necessary to deliver personalized campaigns and build relationships with their most valuable accounts. This integration with Demandbase further complements Einstein ABM, driving even more success for our customers.” – Michael Kostow, SVP & GM, Salesforce Pardot.
You can check out Demandbase here.

In addition to the new integration with Demandbase, Pardot is will also be delivering additional enhancements to Einstein Account-Based Marketing.

Pardot users who have B2B Marketing Analytics will get access to a new out-of-the-box Account-Based Marketing Dashboard. This new dashboard makes it easy to measure sales and marketing impact at the account level.

The ABM dashboard enables marketers to:

  • See top-level Account KPIs
  • View top accounts in your pipeline
  • Identify top-engaging accounts
  • See how accounts are engaging with your marketing activities

The Account-Based Marketing Dashboard takes our Einstein Account-Based Marketing to the next level by integrating marketing, sales, and 3rd party data to come together and provide actionable insights, delivering stronger key account relationships over time.

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