Eight Ways to Get More Love on Social Media [SlideShare]

I have a riddle for you.

Q: How are the majority of social media posts like my love life?
A: They fail to get any engagement.

Ba dum tss.

All self-deprecating jokes aside, the truth is pretty discouraging. SocialFlow recently found that a whopping 95% of organic social media posts get no engagement at all—no likes, favorites, clicks, retweets…nothing. Sure, some of those posts are from personal accounts (“I ate pizza for lunch lol hmu”) and some link to, well, bad content—but plenty include quality content that deserves some attention.

The truth is, you could write a Nobel Prize-worthy article, but it’ll fall flat if you don’t get it in front of its intended audience. If you feel like you’re already creating excellent content but the engagement just isn’t there, have no fear. You just need to make sure you’re posting the right things to the right audience at the right time.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of eight noteworthy stats that will help you make your social posts more appealing. Check out the SlideShare below for inspiration, and then download our free B2B Social Media Guide to Best Practices for even more helpful statistics and tips. (I recommend you read it while eating heart-shaped chocolates and sipping red wine—because why not?)