Dynamic Lists


Rule-based dynamic lists behave similarly to static lists, including those constructed with automation rules and completion actions. Dynamic lists can be used as recipient lists or suppression lists for an email newsletter, to seed a drip nurturing program or used in further automation or segmentation criteria (“prospect list is…”).

The dynamic lists rule builder interface is similar to automation and segmentation rules – all the criteria and match options are available in dynamic list creation as well.

The benefit of dynamic lists — you can create a list of prospects that is tailored to specific criteria. Create the new list, select the criteria and if a prospect matches that criteria then they are added to the dynamic list. If for some reason they no longer match the criteria, they will be removed from the list.


  1. Navigate to Marketing > Segmentation >Lists.
  2. Click +Add List.
  3. Check the Dynamic List checkbox.
  4. You will see Dynamic List Rules. This is where you will specify the criteria that prospects should meet in order to be added to the dynamic list.
  5. From there you can select the Match Type:
    • Match All – All aspects of the rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).
    • Match Any – Only one aspect of the rule must be satisfied in order to take the action(s).
  6. Add or Remove Rules by click the plus or trashcan icons. You can also add multiple criteria in a single line by separating each value with a semicolon, which uses OR logic (“Match Any”) when selecting a positive operator (“contains” or “is”). If a negative operator is selected (“doesn’t contain” or “isn’t”), then it uses AND logic (“Match All”) due to boolean logic.
    Notes: The text field is limited to 255 characters, so you may have to split up very large rules into several lines.
    If you want the rule to match values that include a semicolon, you will need to add quotes around the value (i.e. ”this has a ; semicolon in it”).
    Select the “– ANY –” criteria option for forms, form handlers, landing pages, files and custom redirects rather than listing out every item separately.
    If you are using the “Prospect account field” rule, prospects must have an account in order to match, even if the rule uses the “doesn’t contain”, “isn’t”, or “is empty” options.
  7. Click Save List to create the dynamic list

Differences between dynamic rule-based lists and static lists

You cannot manually add or remove prospects to dynamic lists – instead, the lists refresh on a regular interval, a few times per hour, adding prospects who now match the criteria and removing the prospects who no longer match. Because of this, you will not see dynamic lists as an option in dropdowns in the import screen, data tables or anywhere else throughout Pardot where you manually control list membership. You also will not see dynamic lists in the CRM list management view dropdown.

Note: Existing static lists cannot be converted into dynamic lists.

Dynamic Lists “Best Practices”

Dynamic lists are most helpful when you are creating a list based on prospect data that will change often — you need a list where prospects can be added or removed often. For example, you could build a membership list of current members of your organization. If someone fails to renew their membership and you mark the membership change in a field in their Pardot record (either manually or through a CRM sync) Pardot will recognize that value changed and remove the prospect from the dynamic membership list.

  • Every list you create does not need to be dynamic. Sometimes you need to build a list where prospects are added to the list but there is no reason to remove them. For example, making a list of all prospects who complete your Contact Us form. This type of list can be created through an automation rule where prospects who complete the form will match the rule once and be added to the list.
  • You can use dynamic lists as a recipient list to send prospects bulk emails or drip marketing program emails.
  • Dynamic lists will only include prospects who meet the list criteria.
    • If a prospect no longer meets the dynamic list criteria then they will be removed from the dynamic list.
    • After the prospect is removed from the dynamic list they will no longer receive emails sent to that list.
    • The prospect will also be removed from any drip programs using the dynamic list as a recipient list.
  • Note: If you designate a dynamic list as a recipient list in a scheduled email send then the email will be sent to all prospects that are on the dynamic list at the time the email is sent (the most refreshed version of the dynamic list at the scheduled send time) as opposed to the list membership at the time the email was initially scheduled/set up.

How can I see when a list was last refreshed?

Pardot displays the Last refreshed time if you click on the name of the one of the dynamic lists then navigate to the Details section.


  • Dynamic lists can be made into a public list and displayed on your Email Preference Center where prospects can opt-out of the list if they choose.
    • To enable this, click the checkbox under Edit List that says, “Public List: Display this list in the email preference center”.
    • Only prospects who meet the dynamic list criteria will be able to see public dynamic lists on Email Preference Pages.
  • If you split a dynamic list, the resulting lists will be static.
    • This means that a prospect will not automatically be added to the split lists (via the dynamic rule criteria) once the split has occurred.
    • These new static lists will now exist in addition to the original dynamic list that was split.
  • Static lists cannot be converted directly into a dynamic list. You must create a new list, check “Dynamic list” and enter in the criteria you want prospects to have in order to be added to the list.
  • Professional Edition accounts can have up to 50 of these active at once, while Enterprise and Ultimate Edition accounts do not have a limit.

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