How To Drive Customer Engagement in the Age of Smart, Savvy Consumers

The advent of the internet and the growing Internet of Things have had a huge impact on the way that buyers make purchasing decisions. For B2B marketers, keeping up with consumers whose habits change at light speed with the latest smart-tech means being able to anticipate when, where, and how your buyer will consume your content.

Buyers Know What They Want

People are able to find and consume information more quickly and more efficiently than ever before, and this change is influencing marketing strategies. Things like having a well-organized website, and being searchable on social media platforms are no longer optional. It’s not the future that is digital, it’s the present. For marketers, this means thinking a lot further ahead when it comes to creating content.

Personalization can make all the difference when it comes to anticipating buyers’ needs and interests. Marketers need to help facilitate the consumption of information by delivering what their customers want, when they want it. Imagine sending a client information on your latest product improvements a month before it’s time for them to renewal their contract. Or picture contacting a prospect that has been looking at one of your products with instructions on how to sign up for a demo of that exact product.

Personalizing customer experiences this way can help you stay ahead of buyers’ needs. The data you gather to create personalized campaigns is also valuable for developing insights into how customers interact with your brand. With that understanding, you can ensure that buyers find the information that’s specifically applicable to them.

The Future is Both Fun, and Fact — Are You Ready?

Best-selling author and digital marketing expert Mitch Joel knows firsthand how buyers’ habits are evolving based on their ability to locate relevant information precisely when and how they want it. Mitch, who’s been dubbed the ‘Rockstar of B2B Marketing’ by Marketing Magazine, believes in a future where branding is a cross between creativity and data. He’ll be covering this topic and more at B2B Engagement Fest, a day of webinars dedicated to helping you boost customer engagement.

Join us on June 30 to learn more about the changing nature of customer relationships, as Mitch talks through how you can better prepare your sales and marketing teams to keep up with today’s savvy consumers, and build a brand that will last.


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