Drive Brand Consistency with Multiple Tracker Domains in Pardot

This post contains new features that will be released at the end of August 2019.

An integral function of marketing automation is the ability to deliver a personalized message at scale. This is difficult to accomplish when elements of your messaging are generic. But with Multiple Tracker Domains, Pardot allows you to apply different tracker domains on an asset by asset basis!

Long gone are the days of selecting a primary tracker domain and serving all of your links from that domain. Moving forward, Pardot customers can maintain consistency by associating a specific tracker domain with one or many assets to stay on brand and make your messaging more personalized.

Where Can You Use Multiple Tracker Domains

Multiple Tracker Domains can be applied to most Pardot asset types, including:

  • Email templates
  • Landing pages
  • Forms
  • Email preference centers
  • Custom Redirects
  • Files

Who are Multiple Tracker Domains For?

With the August Release, Multiple Tracker Domains will now be available for all Pardot customers, with the number of tracker domains available being based on your account edition. There are a multitude of reasons why customers may want to use variable domains:

  • Companies who operate and market in different regions
  • Companies who have a separate domain for each of their product lines
  • Enterprises that are comprised of many companies or multiple subsidiaries
  • Pardot Business Unit customers who require multiple tracker domains per business unit
  • Companies who operate more than 1 website

How do You Use multiple tracker domains?

There is no change in setting up your tracker domains, simply go through the standard domain validation process and for each domain that is validated, you will have the ability to apply it to an asset.

Let’s discuss an easy scenario to help understand the benefits of this feature.

Lenoxsoft is an energy management software company and has validated 3 different domains for the regions that it operates in: the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, respectively:, and

In the past, Lenoxsoft would have had to use the same primary domain across all three regions, which isn’t the best brand or customer experience. But that has all changed!

With our recent update, LenoxSoft can now assign new assets and campaigns to region-specific tracker domains to maintain brand consistency.

Here, Lenoxsoft has already validated two of three Tracker Domains and is in the process of creating the tracker domain for the Canada region.

To apply different tracker domains to different email templates, the Lenoxsoft marketing team begins by creating their first email Template for the UK. This template will use language and images that have tested best in that region. In order to maintain the region specific consistency within that email template, the team chooses the domain in the new “Tracker Domain” field found on the email template creation screen.

Here, the Lenoxsoft marketing team is creating an email template that will be used specifically in the UK. They are choosing the UK tracker domain to maintain messaging consistency in that region.

When emails based off of this template are delivered to prospects, all links within the email are re-written using the domain. This means that the receiving prospects see a link that they are familiar with and trust.

The United States marketing team follows suit, using the and the Canadian team does the same using

Here, a prospect has opened the email and followed the link to a relevant landing page where they can download a whitepaper. The URL on the landing page has been automatically re-written to use the UK tracker domain.

Each marketing team sees spike in their email opens and clicks because their prospects are more engaged with links specific to their region. To reiterate, the ability to get messages out at scale, while keeping them personalized is paramount.

Learn More About Pardot New Features

These exciting updates will be released the last week of August. To learn more about the latest and greatest Pardot features, make sure to register for our upcoming webinar, Pardot Product Release: Grow Customer Relationships with Pardot.