Drip Programs- Common Questions

The lead nurturing that Pardot offers through Drip Programs is by far one of the most powerful functionalities in the application. We also notice trends in the questions from our sometimes panicked clients such as…

Where is my prospect on the Drip? Is it working?!

When is the Pause over? Should it be Pausing? Should it not? What’s going on?

Are my prospects going to receive duplicate emails?!

Here are a few things to remember when creating your Drip Programs to maximize their functionality and ease your fears:

Only send emails during business hours (10am-4pm M-F)
If you don’t want your emails to be lost in your prospects’ Inboxes, consider sending these emails during business hours. Emails will only be sent between 10am and 4pm Monday through Friday, according to the time zone you designate for the Drip. This is great if you have prospects located across the country and/or around the world.
**Note** Enabling this option on your Drips only affects email sending. The Drip Program will still run automatically outside of business hours for other the other Logic (pauses, tagging prospects, adding to a list, notifications, etc). For example, if a prospect meets a 2 day pause in the Drip on Friday, the Drip will pause on Saturday and Sunday, and send the prospect the next email in the Drip at 10am Monday morning.

Back to the Beginning?
Sometimes prospects are removed from Drip Programs. Perhaps a prospect who was originally on your recipient list was later added to the Drip’s suppression list. As a result, your prospect is no longer a part of the Drip Program. If that prospect is then added to the Drip again, will he/she start over from the beginning and get the same emails as before? Never fear! The prospect will pick up where they left off, rather than starting over from the beginning.
**Note** When a prospect is BRAND new to a drip, the prospect will start at the very beginning of the Drip’s logic.

Make it stop!!!
Need to stop your Drip temporarily or permanently? No problem! Just select the “Pause drip program” under the specific Drip. This will halt prospects from moving through the Drip. If you then want to later continue the drip, simply select “Resume drip program.” When a Drip is resumed, your prospects will pick up where they were when the Drip was paused.
**Note** The exception to this rule might occur with pauses in the Drip Program. For example, if a prospect reaches a 5-day pause in the Drip BUT you also pause the whole Drip Program for 10 days, when the Drip is unpaused after those 10 days, we consider the prospect to have already passed the 5-day pause due to the overall pause on the whole drip. As a result, he/she would be emailed immediately (if that is the next step in the Drip’s logic).

Drip Program Deja vu
Perhaps your prospect John D. is on multiple Drip Programs that might use some of the same email templates. Do you need to worry about the John receiving the same email again? That depends on when your Pardot account was created….

If your account was created before December 5th, 2012 and John has already received the email template from another drip program, autoresponder, or automation rule, he will NOT receive the same email template again. However, if you used that email template in a list email or a one-to-one email to John, then the drip program will send him the email again.

If your account was created after December 5th, 2012 and John has already received the email template from another drip program, autoresponder, or automation rule, he WILL receive the same email template again.

Want to adjust these settings? A Pardot administrator can enable your account to allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect from multiple drip programs by clicking their email address in the top right of the application > Click “Settings” > “Edit Account” > Check the box for “Drip Programs: Allow email templates to be sent more than once to the same prospect” > Save account settings. Regardless of if the prospect already received the email template from another drip program, autoresponder or automation rule, the prospect will receive the email again. Likewise, this setting can be disabled if you only want an email template to be sent once to the prospect via drips, autoresponder or automation rules.

Where did they go?!
When you look at your Drip Program or it’s Report, you will notice a number of prospects next to each step in the Drip logic. This is the number of prospects who have PASSED that step. That is NOT the step where they currently are in the Drip. You can also confirm this by looking at a specific Prospect Record > Audits > Drip Program Actions table. This will also show you the steps in the drip that the prospect has passed.
**Note** If your prospect is nowhere to be found in any steps of the Drip, check to see if they have been added to the Drip’s suppression list(s).

Do Drip Programs ever make you panic? No need! Hopefully these tips will bring a little more peace of mind, but as always, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.