Drip Program Reports


Drip Program Reports allow you to assess how successful a drip program has been, giving you insight into how many prospects started the drip, how many completed the drip, the total emails sent and the completion percentage. It also enables you to see what stage of the program prospects have passed as well as how many emails were sent, bounced or opened, the total clicks and the click through rate (CTR).


To get to this page, you can navigate one of two ways:

Reports > Emails > Drip program report


Marketing > Automation > Drip programs > selecting specific Drip Program > View Report

Here you will be able to see the Drip Program statistics.  To access information about what stage prospects are at within a specific drip program select the relevant name from the list.

Drip Program Statistics: Overview

The drip program statistics table allows you to see an overview of all of your drip programs.

Metric Definition
Prospects Started Drip The number of prospects that began the drip program
Prospects Completed Drip The number of prospects that are currently in the drip program end state
Emails Sent The number of emails that were sent in total across the whole drip program
Completed Percentage The percentage of prospects that reached the end of a drip program

For more information about a specific drip program, click on its name in the Drip Program Statistics table.

Reporting for a Specific Drip Program

Once a drip program has been selected, you will be able to see information about each step in the logic.

Metric Definition
Prospects The number of prospects that have completed each step of the drip program
Sent The number of prospects that have been sent each email within the drip program
Bounced The number of emails which bounced
Opens The number of emails that were opened
Total Clicks The total number of clicks for all the links in an email. Each link click is counted separately. For example, if a prospect clicks on two separate links in the same message, it will count as two clicks. If a prospect clicks on the same link on two separate occasions, that will also count as two clicks. Clicks on the unsubscribe link are not counted toward Total Clicks; neither are clicks on the email preference center variable tag.
CTR (click through rate) The percentage of prospects who click on links contained in emails sent to them

Drip Program ReportNotes

  • When you look at your Drip Program Report, you will notice a number of prospects next to each step in the drip logic. This is the number of prospects who have passed or completed that step. That is not the step where they currently are in the Drip. To view how many prospects have passed or completed a step in a Drip Program Report, click on the blue number below the relevant metric.
  • To see where a specific prospect currently is in the Drip, select specific prospect name > Audits > Drip Program Actions Table. This will also show you the steps in the Drip that the prospect has passed.
  • If you cannot find your prospect in any steps of the drip then you can check to see if they have been added to the drip’s suppression list(s).

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