Drip Campaign Guide Part 3

Since you understand what drip campaigns are and you know why you should use them, we now just need to go over how to create one.  Using Prospect Insight, the process is very simple and straightforward.  It isn’t even necessary to have a background in IT.  Marketing automation takes the complex idea of email lead nurturing and makes the process automated and easy to create.

In order to explain how you should create a drip campaign, I am going to point you to the user’s guide as well as give you some helpful tips before you begin.

The user’s guide will walk you through each phase in the four step process.  The first step asks you to simply create an internal name for the program.  Secondly you will choose the appropriate lists to apply the drip campaign to.  In the third step you will create the tree of actions using a drag-and-drop builder.  And lastly, check over the campaign you have created to make sure everything looks correct.

Before you begin your automated lead nurturing with a drip campaign, I have a couple of recommendations:

  • Plan out the drip campaign’s process on paper first
  • Think through pause time: be sure to give a significant amount of time between pauses so as not to overwhelm or annoy prospects
  • When using the action that determines whether the prospect has clicked the link consider the time allotted after the email is sent
  • Make certain that emails catered to the appropriate topics are sent at the correct time
  • Read the tips and tricks for drip programs at the bottom of the user’s guide wizard