Drip Campaign Guide Part 2

Now that we know what a drip campaign is, let’s talk about how you can benefit from the solution.  First of all, drip campaigns do the work for you.  They can be the centerpiece of your lead nurturing and move your prospects to to a sales ready position.  Drip campaigns can also be used to nurture your customers through your customer life cycle.

Lead nurturing is the process of moving prospects through the pipeline from leads to customers.  Lead nurturing is an important part of both a marketer and a sales representative’s job, it is actually the backbone of both and therefore very important to do correctly.  One easy way to practice lead nurturing is through drip campaigns.  Drip campaigns put your prospects and/or customers on track to nurturing.  With a drip campaign you simply set up a sequence of actions that will automatically run and perform your nurturing for you. The ongoing campaigns keep your brand top-of-mind until prospects are ready to buy. In addition, they educate the prospects about your offerings, reducing the amount of time sales must spend explaining your benefits and allowing them to focus on closing deals.

With the technology of marketing automation, you can simply and quickly get on the track to automatic lead nurturing.  Drip campaigns will save you lots of time because you will no longer have to scroll through a prospect’s activities to determine where they may fall in the buying process.  Drip campaigns will handle this for you.  You also will not have to analyze email reports to determine who did and who did not open the email or click-through to the included link.  Your drip campaign will also handle this for you and take the appropriate action you have requested.  The previous illustrations are just a couple of examples of how drip campaigns will automate your nurturing process, many other options are available as a part of your campaign.

Overall I assure you that you will reap many benefits from adopting drip campaigns as a part of your lead nurturing process.  You will not only save time, but you will experience less headaches.  Drip campaigns cut out a lot of redundant work, allowing you to focus your attention on more projects.  They will save you money as well as increase your return on investment.