Drip Campaign Guide Part 1

Drip campaigns and lead nurturing best practices are topics we’re frequently asked about during Prospect Insight implementations.  It can be confusing at first, but as with anything, it gets easier as you learn more about it.  I want to discuss drip campaigns to familiarize you more with the practice.  Over the next few blog posts I will talk about what exactly drip campaigns are, why you should use them, and lastly how to create them within marketing automation software.

Let’s get started with the definition.  Drip campaigns are a form of automated emails used to nurture contacts.  More specifically they are a set of emails which are automatically sent to a contact or list of contacts depending on various time intervals or actions.  The “drips” are the emails that are sent to subscribers on a scheduled basis.  The campaign is the tree or web that is composed of various automated actions.

Now I will give you a quick example to help explain how a drip campaign works.  The first email begins the tree and could be an introductory email you send to a new prospect.  Next you could wait 7 days and send another email with more information on your product.  Depending on whether or not the prospect clicks on the link provided in your email can be the determinant of the next step.  If the contact clicks the link you could choose to notify a sales rep of their action.  If the contact did not click the link you could send another email with a special offer to entice them.  The tree can continue on for as long as you would like, automatically taking action depending on activity or rules you put in place.

Here is an example, as seen in Prospect Insight, of available actions for a drip campaign and the logic used to make the tree.