Dreaming of ParDreamin’ 2020

If you follow @Pardot on Twitter and happened to check your timeline between Dec. 8 and Dec. 11, you probably saw us tweeting excitedly about the ongoing events at ParDreamin’ 2020. This was one of the biggest Pardot-related virtual events ever, and it was great to get the Pardot community together to network, share tips and best practices, and get extra training on Pardot and Salesforce. 

The four days of ParDreamin’ 2020 were packed with informative sessions and keynotes. If you registered to attend ParDreamin’ 2020, all sessions will be streamable in the platform for 30 days. If you didn’t register, no worries. All sessions will become available for public streaming in early 2021. To be notified when the videos are public, you can join the email list on the ParDreamin’ 2020 website.

For now, let’s take a brief look back at all four days of ParDreamin’ 2020.

The Lead-Up: #MarketingChats

To generate engagement within the Pardot community and spread the word about ParDreamin’ 2020, we teamed up with our friends at Marketing Cloud to host a #MarketingChats Twitter event on December 3rd.

Responding to a series of fun questions posed by @MarketingCloud, we wove ParDreamin’ 2020 into the discussion. The entire event ended with a final tweet tagging @ParDreamin and featuring the #WheresParDragon hashtag.

If you participated in #MarketingChats, we hope you enjoyed the conversation — and that it may have inspired you to join us at ParDreamin’ 2020!

Dec. 8: Day One

ParDreamin’ 2020 started with a set of exciting and intensive workshops, including:

Our thanks go out to all attendees — we hope you learned a lot and had fun with these workshops!

Dec. 9: Day Two

The second day of ParDreamin’ 2020 opened with Marketers Leading Through Change, an inspirational and insightful keynote presentation hosted by Mike Kostow, SVP and GM of Pardot. Mike was joined by Carrie Pena from BuildOn and Gail Moody-Byrd from Noodle.ai for a moving discussion about how companies can successfully overcome crisis situations and create innovative solutions to new problems. Throughout the pandemic, BuildOn and Noodle.ai have both used Pardot to share information with customers, build connections between internal teams, and solve problems in a changing business landscape.

This keynote was followed by a series of morning sessions, including:

In the afternoon, we held the Marketing’s Role in Digital Transformation Panel, and then settled in for these sessions:

Dec. 10: Day Three

ParDreamin’ 2020’s third day opened with a Product Roadmap Keynote hosted by Kyle Skibbe and Prasanna Vijayakumar. If you’re the type of person who’s always wondering what’s next for Pardot, this one was for you! We’re so excited about the future of Pardot, and it was a big thrill to share our plans with the community.

You already know what came after the keynote — the morning sessions! Here’s what was on offer that morning:

After a well-deserved lunch break, we returned for the Enterprise Panel hosted by Luke Wotten, Rebecca White, and Lindzee Barrera. Then it was time for the afternoon sessions:

Dec. 11: Day Four

We may have saved the best for last — the final day of ParDreamin’ 2020 featured some of the most exciting sessions of all. Day four opened with a Demo Jam hosted by Celine Newsome and Mike Creuzer, showcasing products from sponsors of ParDreamin’ 2020. After that, we dove into a morning of exciting sessions, including:

The afternoon brought with it one of the most spectacular ParDreamin’ 2020 events: Transform ABM with the Power of the Platform hosted by Neha Shah and Meredith Brown, plus a fireside chat with Pardot co-founder Adam Blitzer and Mike Kostow, Pardot SVP and GM. It was incredible to hear Adam’s thoughts on the future of digital transformation — and Pardot’s place in it!

After the fireside chat, it was time for the final sessions of ParDreamin’ 2020:

If you joined us at ParDreamin’ 2020, we hope you had just as much fun connecting with the Pardot community as we did! And if you missed it, there are still lots of virtual Pardot-related events on the horizon — stay tuned. 

We were proud to work with BuildOn at ParDreamin’ 2020 to raise funds toward building a school for a community in need. To give to BuildOn and help us reach this goal, please visit BuildOn’s donation page.

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