Dream Bigger With Your Dynamic Content

The recent pace of innovation has quickly turned into a runaway train of new products, industries, and innovations — and there’s no hint of slowing down anytime soon.

This new age of innovation has given marketers more power than ever to create powerful and effective campaigns for their customers. However, the more marketing strategies evolve, the more customers raise their expectations. For this reason, the old push strategies of the past have given way to more personalized inbound strategies.

Companies like Amazon have also raised the bar for personalized customer experiences. Amazon’s financial success shows the dramatic impact personalization can have on purchasing behavior and customer loyalty.

You Can Personalize Like Amazon

As I wrote in an article last month, many marketers don’t realize that the power to create Amazon-esque experiences is already well within their capabilities. Content can be tailored with precision to make relevant recommendations, a personalized web experience, and meaningful communications.

This personalization is merely a function of a tool all marketers with an email marketing service are familiar with: dynamic content.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is any email or web content that can be tailored to a specific viewer based on data gathered about that viewer. The most common example of dynamic content is personalized greetings on mass emails, where a recipient’s name is retrieved from a contact database and inserted into the email.

However, dynamic content is not limited to contact information. Experiences can be tailored to individual viewers based on demographics, past behavior, and even preferences, to create completely unique content experiences.

Dream Big With Your Dynamic Content

Fully understanding the power of dynamic content, it is painful to see many companies relegate its use solely to customized email salutations. You need to think bigger with your dynamic content to deliver truly breakthrough experiences. Below are just a few places dynamic content can be used with greater impact.

How to Use Dynamic Content

Progressive Profiling

Services like Pardot allow you to progressively profile your leads at conversion points. This means that if a lead fills out a form with their name, email, and company to download one of your white papers, when they return to your site to sign up for a demo, that form will not ask them for repeat information.

Progressive profiling provides a better experience for your visitors since they are not required to repeatedly provide the same information for every form. It also allows you to obtain more information from your users with different form fields.

Smarter Web Content

Dynamic content can also be used to tailor content on a particular page to each visitor. A national retailer could have their “locations” page only provide the three closest stores to a viewer’s location. A B2B firm could use dynamic content on their features page to highlight the most relevant features based on the content a visitor has viewed.

Smarter web content makes your site more engaging to visitors by only displaying content that will interest them. This can help make your calls to action more persuasive, your products more enticing, and your conversion points more effective.

Personalized Emails

Emails can be personalized well beyond the salutation with dynamic content. A company sending out their monthly promotional email could tailor their offers to a prospect’s purchasing power or area of interest. An email about upcoming webinars could also be tailored to display only those that match a prospect’s needs.

Making full use of dynamic content in your emails can make a mass email to thousands feel like a 1-to-1 interaction for each recipient. A highly personalized email can also leave each recipient feeling more valued, which could motivate them to make a purchase in the future.

In a world where the expectations placed on marketers by their customers are greater than ever, dynamic content can be a powerful tool in delivering the highly personalized service customers demand.

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  • Matt, I’m curious to know if/when Pardot plans to expand its dynamic-content functionality for email. For example, adding if/then type logic so you can easily display different pieces of content based on the prospect’s demographics.

    • Hey Anita! Great question, and good news – continuing our focus on dynamic content by adding that functionality to email is already something we’ve started working on. Expect to see it soon!

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