Diving into the Wave Part 3: Engagement Dashboard

Editor’s Note: This post is part of a series called ‘Diving Into the Wave‘  that covers best practices and methods for leveraging Wave for B2B Marketing.

Now that we’ve covered the Pipeline dashboard, let’s analyze the marketing assets that contribute to the Visitor to Closed/Won Opportunity lifecycle. The Engagement Dashboard is available to do just that. The data in the dashboard focuses on list emails, forms and landing pages, but what is the data telling us? What kind of questions will the data answer and which of your team members would be using this report most often?

There are four available filters on the dashboard: year, quarter, campaign and tag. These filters can be useful when answering questions like:

How did Trade Show efforts perform quarter to quarter?

To get this data, use quarter and campaign filters.
If tradeshows in Q2 performed significantly better than Q1, that can help determine what shows you go to in Q1 next year

Did my AdWords Campaign generate more prospects in 2015 or 2016?

To get this data use year and campaign filters.
If they’re both performing really well, maybe spend should increase for 2017
If the performance has dropped, maybe the content needs to be refreshed, the look and feel of landing pages or call-to-action.

How are my marketing teams performing region-to-region?

To get this data, use a tag filter.
If assets and prospects with the tag “Southeast” are performing better than those with “Northwest,” maybe that’s an opportunity to bring the teams together to share strategy and findings
If there are fewer assets in the report for “Northeast” than “Midwest,” that can help to prioritize content creation to support campaigns for the Northeast region

The Engagement Dashboard provides value to any user creating, running, and monitoring Pardot marketing efforts. In addition, marketing, product, and creative stakeholders can view how their strategy, content, and collaboration is resonating with prospects and clients. This dashboard can be shared with other team members via URL, Chatter, or as a downloaded image.

In the next part of the Wave for B2B Marketing series, I’ll provide an overview of the Marketing Manager and how that can be used to understand the overall health of your marketing efforts.


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