Developing the Ideal Collateral Mix

Last week I blogged about developing high conversion content and had some follow-up questions about what kind of collateral marketers should have on hand. Luckily, I ran across a piece from BtoB Online that discusses this exact issue – developing the best collateral mix for your sales process.

Use the following tips to help build and improve your collateral collection:

  • Plan to do a regular review of all your collateral materials.
  • Focus on filling in gaps with topics you haven’t already covered. Think quality over quantity.
  • Get the sales team involved. Work together to develop buying scenarios and determine how your materials can help make a sale. I recently met with our sales team here at Pardot to assess their needs and begin this process.
  • 88% of buyers still rate white papers are the most influential collateral.
  • Product brochures and data sheets ranked as the most highly consumed – but the least influential in the buying process.
  • No one is printing anymore – most buyers view content digitally, so create content with this in mind.
  • Make content easy to view and download. The Pardot team always recommends using simple, short forms to reduce abandonment. We also choose to offer some items on our own site, like case studies and a flash demo, with no registration required.