Dedicated IP Address


A dedicated IP address gives you full control of your email sending so you are entirely responsible for the reputation of your own IP address. Ideally, you should be sending a monthly email volume of 100k emails or greater and have a fairly consistent mail volume. Additionally, with a dedicated IP address it is essential that you take the time to properly warm up your IP address before sending your list emails.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP

  • A dedicated IP address allows you to truly control your own destiny as an email sender. Your sending reputation will only be affected by the choices you make as a marketer. If you have excellent sending practices, this is generally the best way to send emails.
  • If you are in certain industries with heightened security, a dedicated IP can be beneficial. For example, if you market to Banking, Defense, Medical, Energy, Technology/Net Security, or other industries with elevated security requirements, a dedicated IP gives you more control over your email sending reputation.
  • A dedicated IP is particularly useful if you frequently have to request white listing of your IP.
  • If used properly, a dedicated IP can give you better delivery rates.

Benefits of a Shared IP

For many clients, a shared IP address perfectly fits their needs and allows them to benefit from other clients’ email volumes in order to build a strong email sending reputation.

Differences between Dedicated and Shared IP Addresses

Dedicated IP Shared IP
Reputation You retain full control of your email sending reputation. Shared email sending reputation with the other clients using your Pardot IP address.
Sending Limit Upper sending limit is around 1-2 million emails/day on a single IP. Not applicable as sending limits only apply for sending very high volumes of emails.

How to Add a Dedicated IP Address to Your Account

A dedicated IP address is included in the Ultimate Edition of Pardot. Have a few questions or want to upgrade to a Dedicated IP Address? Just contact your Client Advocate or fill out our contact form to reach us.