How to Deal With Social Media Complainers [INFOGRAPHIC]


Oh no! What do you do?!

You?ve spent hours building your social communities, engaging your fans, identifying leads, and just generally being an awesome web 2.0 marketer, and somebody?s come along and crashed the party by complaining about your company or product. How dare they, right!?

For many marketers, it can be easy to get caught up in the addictive cycle of attention and engagement that surrounds your company?s social media. Even with so much great communication, just one social complainer can ruin your day.

But if this is the case, you?ve lost sight of why your company is on social media in the first place.

Social media gives customers a platform and a voice to engage with companies like never before. It has put customers on equal footing with brands who can no longer hide behind PR agencies or marketing channels.

Social media demands one-to-one communication between companies and customers, and the modern marketer needs to be there to deliver an exceptional experience to consumers, disgruntled or otherwise.

The good news? Social media complainers aren?t a very diverse lot. Sure, every case will be different, but most complainers follow a well-documented and predictable pattern. You can read more on this in Susan Marshall?s recent article on marketingprofs. You can also check out the infographic below for a breakdown of the five basic complainer types and how to handle them.

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