A Day In The Life Of… Tami McQueen

When it comes to B2B Marketing, much more goes on behind the scenes to create (and keep) those campaigns running smoothly. From cross-collaboration to Rooibos tea, we’re taking a look behind the scenes for a sneak peek at a day in the life of…

Tami McQueen – Director of Marketing, SalesLoft

4:45 AM – The alarm sounds at sparrow’s on summertime mornings and I hit the Atlanta Beltline. There are at least three backup alarms, each with some level of lyrical genius that will hoist me out of bed. On my light run, I’ll listen to a Spotify playlist or an audiobook (currently: The Hard Thing About Hard Things), and thumb through social networks; Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook (in that order), and skim emails, while strategically avoiding a faceplant into other oncoming runners.

7:30 AM – En route to the SalesLoft office, I phone my mom in South Africa (+7 hours), for a quick chat about the day.

8:00 AM – I arrive at the office in Buckhead, stopping for a quick coffee at Octane next door. About once a week, I’ll meet with someone early in their career to offer advice, build out a professional growth plan, or introduce them to others. I want to be a door opener!

8:30 AM – Check in with the team, high-fives and hellos, and settle at my desk.

8:40 AM – Daily marketing team all-hands. The team runs (100mph) on agile methodology and we have a daily standup to connect across specialty teams on objectives for the day and any roadblocks we’re facing. This rapid-fire meeting allows us to focus on immediate action items that helps the team and each individual reach quarterly OKRs and key metrics.

9 – 11 AM – During months of strategic planning for Rainmaker (and Dreamforce), I schedule and send a series of email cadences to our partners and to potential sponsors to schedule meetings. One-on-ones with the team are scheduled during the morning hours and Slack serves as our means of communication throughout the day. We use the time to review social media campaigns, performance metrics and conversions, executive team speaking opportunities, and ongoing event strategies.

Lunch is often on the go – I serve on the Board of Directors for the Kula Project, so I regularly use the time to connect with the team; review and drive fundraising campaigns, connect with our families in East Africa.

3 PM – I reconnect on the morning’s cadences and run calls with potential partners. Cross-collaboration among teams is pivotal and it’s all-hands on deck as I connect with the demand gen team to follow up on a personalized video email campaign that our content team produced to drive ticket sales.

I’ll connect with our social team on upcoming events that we have a keynote address or sponsorship opportunity. The social team will send customized content specific to each department to help drive engagement and manage company-wide branding.

5 PM –  The day starts to slow down and I enjoy diving into projects that require 100 percent of my focus. At this point, I’ve sourced a piece of chocolate or three and I’ll power through hard-pressed deadlines before calling it a day.

6 -7 PM – I’m off to a networking event with #ChooseATL or panel discussion at General Assembly. This allows me the opportunity to connect with the Atlanta tech and marketing industry, while still learning and championing the city of Atlanta.

9 PM – I’m settled at the kitchen island at home with a cup of Rooibos tea to *read the entire internet, skim through emails, quench my global wayfarer tendencies by reading traveller’s blogs, and catch up on the #general Slack channel for a few laughs. Throughout the day I’ve shared a few social posts of my own on @localATLast, and will spend this time building online social networks and spearheading the hashtag #wearingheelsbro 🙂

After that it’s bedtime. I always say; I don’t go to sleep, I fall asleep…when there’s no more left to give.

Over and out!