A Day in the Life of a Sales Team with Salesforce Engage

Believe it or not, bridging the gap between your marketing and sales teams might be easier than you think. It’s all about showing Sales that you are here to help them succeed, and it starts with your technology. For Pardot users, Salesforce Engage hooks your sales team into your marketing automation solution by giving them access the tools they need to build personalized relationships with customers. You can create email templates and engagement campaigns to save time for your reps, giving them instant access to marketing-approved content so that they can focus on adding the personal touches that will distinguish your brand and close more deals.

To show you just how it all works, we checked in with members of our own sales team to see what a typical day looks like with Salesforce Engage.

KellyLaceyKelly Lacy – Account Executive, Salesforce Pardot

I use Engage heavily for prospecting, driving attendance to upcoming webinars and events, and for demo follow-up.

Events: I host a VIP Dinner in my territory each month, so I’m constantly sending out emails to those who live nearby to give them information about the event. With Salesforce Engage, I can add these prospects to an event nurture that will keep them updated and engaged.

Webinar Promotion: The same goes for marketing webinars. When there’s an upcoming webinar, I like to send the info to my hot prospects or stage 1 and 2 opportunities. There’s a template available to me through the app making it easy to fill in and send, and I can report on who’s engaging with what.

Prospecting: When I’m prospecting, the ability to add prospects to nurtures and Engage Alerts really come in handy. I get pinged when my prospects are interacting with the information that I share in my emails and going to the site to research.

Sharing Content: I’m also a big fan of the Pardot blog. As a light touch, I’ll send prospects emails to encourage they check it out for best practices/industry trends. Being able to pull from email templates about the blog is super helpful when prospecting.

Jason Frizzell – Account Executive, Salesforce PardotJasonfrizzell

I use Salesforce Engage multiple times a day. My typical day is filled with prospecting, following up on demos, and doing client outreach.

Prospecting: It is fantastic to have my templates queued up for me to send to the folks I reach out to daily. It saves me a significant amount of time being able to do it all within Salesforce, and not hop out to another tab to copy and paste a message for each prospect. The activity tracking alerts me to follow up with those folks who are engaging with our content as well.

Following Up on Demos: Once we’ve done a demo, the real work begins. I love to drop prospects into a “Post Demo 1 Drip” program, and have the content at my fingertips to quickly respond to any requests. When I give a demo, I’m typically asked to send specific features, case studies, or other content for the team to review after the fact. With Salesforce Engage, I don’t have to leave Salesforce or dive into long email threads to find what I’m looking for.

Client Outreach: One of things I like about Salesforce Engage is the ability to send “check-in” emails so that prospects know I’m thinking about them. Every month I try to say hello to each one so that when it hits the end of the quarter I’m not following up on cold leads, I’ve been in touch with them a few times already that quarter.

Garner White – Account Executive, Salesforce Pardot

correctedFrom the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed I’m thinking about what my prospects and customers are doing. Not just “have they opened my email” but what are they looking at? What have they digested? What are they talking about internally?

X-Ray Vision: Before Engage, I was playing a guessing game. Having to always to send the “Hi, just wanted to follow up here,” emails to try to get a read on prospects.

With Engage I have complete insight into what each individual account is doing in real-time. It’s not only a game changer from a prospecting perspective, but reassurance I understand what’s going on with everyone I reach out to.

For more information on Salesforce Engage, visit the Getting Started series.


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