Data Security at Pardot

BtoB Magazine recently published an article discussing the state of security in the email services industry. Following the recent attack on Epsilon, companies are becoming proactive in their efforts to protect customer data. Adam provided insight on the overall situation and how Pardot is handling it:

“The Epsilon attack was a wake-up call for all of us,” said Adam Blitzer, COO of marketing automation company Pardot, which offers email marketing as part of its lead nurturing and analytics platform. “For example, we recognized that certain people in our company had power-user access to our customers’ databases but they didn’t really need it.”

Pardot’s databases were not affected by the latest hacks, but as a security measure Blitzer is now limiting high-level database access to a few employees. The company has also called for a new level of rigor, similar to that employed by financial institutions, for customers to be able to send an email blast through its platform.

“Also, marketers have to ask serious questions of their marketing automation vendors, questions that almost no one does.”

As Adam mentioned, we take security very seriously and will continue to our efforts to keep our clients’ information safe. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.