Customize Pardot’s default scores

While you could could previously adjust a prospect’s score via automation rules, you can now update all of prospect’s default scoring rules.

Instructions on setting up your custom rules


  1. Rescoring all of your prospects will happen in the background and will take time to finish. You will receive an email notification upon completion.

  2. Rescoring prospects will set them to sync with your CRM system. Any assigned prospects who are not present as leads or contacts in your CRM system will be created as new lead records when syncing takes place.

    If you had previously performed a mass delete of assigned records in your CRM but did not delete these same records in Pardot (or mark them as unassigned), this may result in a large number of “new” leads being created. If you think this might be the case, we highly recommend disabling any new lead notifications that your CRM system might generate and to re-delete any unwanted records once syncing has finished.

    The most recent versions of the Pardot and SugarCRM packages send down signals to Pardot to let it know not to try to resync deleted records but that does not work with historical deleted records, only those deleted going forward (and only if you have installed the package).

  3. Be aware that changing scoring rules such that they increase prospect scores may trigger automation rules who have scoring conditions.