Customer Story: How Sequoia Financial Became a Trailblazer in Client-Driven Wealth Management

Sequoia Financial Group is all about personalized service. They’ve even written it into their value proposition. In an era where technology is changing how we do everything — including how we manage our money — Sequoia Financial Group needed a digital customer experience that aligned with their in-person interactions.

They were up against some challenges, however. They would need to:

  • Bridge multiple technology platforms and disconnected client data.
  • Evolve their  digital marketing strategy from email blasts to integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Deal with limited insights into who their clients are and past marketing campaign effectiveness.

With the help of Pardot and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Sequoia Financial Group is now a trailblazer in client-driven wealth management. Working on a single platform and with a 360º view of their customers, they now consistently deliver connected, seamless experiences, personalize targeted client journeys at scale, and better understand their target audience and marketing campaign ROI.

Here’s how they did it.

Sequoia is Creating a Shared Platform for Personalization.

Like so many other industries, financial services and wealth management is changing. To keep up, Sequoia Financial Group needed to change, too. Many organizations today deal with data overload; in Sequoia’s case, this was exacerbated by their data being spread across different teams, tools, and systems.

To do all this, they needed all their teams — including marketing, service, and sales — to be able to see and share data across a single platform. Only then would they be able to use it to make smarter decisions. Sequoia began looking for the right tool that would bring everything into a single dashboard and communicate it in a more meaningful way.

“Before Financial Services Cloud, advisors would have to stitch multiple sources of client data together, which was a huge time suck and didn’t align with rising client expectations.” – Shaun Kapusinski, Director of Operations at Sequoia Financial Group

Making the switch to
Financial Services Cloud has empowered the Sequoia team to be more efficient with their time and efforts. Many time-consuming tasks like meeting prep and service requests have been automated, eliminating lengthy catch-up meetings and shrinking the amount of time it takes to address client needs. As a result, Sequoia has watched their existing accounts grow.

Sequoia Uses Personalized Content to Drive Greater Engagement.

Today’s customers expect personalized, connected experiences. According to Salesforce’s “State of the Connected Customer” report, 70% of customers say connected processes — such as seamless handoffs or contextualized engagement based on earlier interactions — are very important to winning their business. To build truly personalized, connected experiences, companies need to have a 360º view of their customers and understand their unique needs, interests, motivations, and pain points.

By combining the power of Pardot with their existing Salesforce platform, Sequoia’s Digital Marketing team has been able to move beyond a strategy primarily focused on email and deliver personalized, connected experiences to all their customers and across every channel. Their previous marketing automation solution mainly served as a platform to get simple communication out to clients, such as upcoming events, and a weekly blog.

Now, instead of sending the same email blast to their entire subscriber list, the team can plan content around specific customer needs. For example, a retiree is going to be interested in different content, products, and services than a young professional. Sequoia’s marketing team can now track and account for these differences along each customer’s unique journey.

“Better data results and relationship insights are helping us enhance client relationships and grow organically.” – Trevor Chuna, Chief Technology Officer at Sequoia Financial Group

With Pardot, Sequoia has also launched their first gated content ever, giving them access to data on who is viewing their content. This has given them a better understanding of who their clients and prospects are. With this information in hand, they now tailor content for each individual client’s unique needs and interests. As a result, they have improved relationships with clients, gained greater visibility into the client lifecycle, and provided better services overall.

Sequoia is Already Seeing a Strong Return on Investment.

After only 30 days on Financial Services Cloud, Sequoia saw an average time savings of 25 minutes per day per staff member, equivalent to more than $335,000 in the first year.

Adding Pardot to the mix has empowered Sequoia to deliver fully personalized, connected customer experiences at scale — transforming their client relationships and ensuring a more secure future for the company. Since making the switch, they’ve seen an increase of 15% in email open rates. Furthermore, detailed analytics around audience behavior and campaign performance have been crucial to helping Sequoia evaluate their overall marketing strategy and build on these early successes.

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