Setting Custom Scores for Pages


You can create completion actions or insert a javascript parameter to change the amount of points that a given page is “worth” when viewed by a prospect. Page views increase a prospect’s score by one by default but this can be changed to either positively or negatively affect the score by any number designated.


The easiest way to customize the number of points a page on your website is worth is to follow the instructions under Page Actions to create completion actions.

If you do decide to use javascript, simply add the following parameter to your tracking code before the piTracker() function (we recommend adding it just before the <! or after the piCId variable):

piPoints = "5";

You can also insert negative values to subtract points (e.g. for visiting the “job openings” section of a site).
Note that you can put any any integer (positive or negative) within the single quotes.

Note: When inserting this parameter outside the tracking code (i.e. if you use a global footer), it should look like the following:

<script type="text/javascript"> 

piPoints = "5";