The Ultimate CRM Optimization Checklist

If you’ve recently integrated your CRM with a marketing automation platform, you may be sitting there wondering, “what’s next?”

Unfortunately, your marketing automation tool isn’t going to run itself — and neither is your CRM. If you want your new system to reach its maximum potential, you’ll need to put a little work into setup and optimization. From goal setting to reporting and evaluation, there are several steps that marketers won’t want to miss when getting started with their new tool. Taking the right measures from the beginning to ensure that your system is fully optimized can save a lot of headaches down the line.

To help you out with this process, we’ve created the checklist below. Read through the steps outlined on the list (and print it out, if you feel so inclined!) to see what you can do to start increasing your marketing and sales productivity right off the bat — and don’t forget to check out our CRM white paper, “Marketing Automation & Your CRM: The Dynamic Duo!”



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