Creating High Conversion Content

Following up on the promise to focus on great content this year, I ran across a piece on MarketingSherpa featuring some highlights from their recent webinar on creatinghigh conversion content. From their five key questions, here are some valuable takeaways:

  • Develop content for each stage of the buying cycle.
  • White papers can work for any stage of the buying cycle.
  • Create content for diversified audiences, targeting IT decision makers and financial decision makers in addition to offering general industry overviews.
  • Think about ebooks in addition to white papers. Ebooks are longer than white papers, cover a broader scope and often feature an executive or identified industry expert as the author.
  • Visual marketing tools like product tours or videos can help effectively explain complex products
  • Sharing links to third-party articles is totally legal, as long as you link to the original article, rather than re-purposing it as your own thoughts. Use these articles to help educate your prospects on industry trends and news.

Read the full Q&A session at MarketingSherpa.