Creating Compelling Email Copy

If you’ve read some of our previous blog posts on email marketing best practices, you’ve probably learned a bit about how to write effective subject lines and avoid spam traps — but don’t let the actual content of your email fall short! This is your chance to sell your prospect on your product and convince them to take action. Here are a few tips to help you create compelling copy.

1. Personalize your message. Be sure to include your prospects’ first names, and ideally, their preferred nickname if you have that information. You can segment your lists to target prospects based on location, product preferences, and where they are in their lead life cycle. Personalization builds trust in your emails, and in your company.

2. A conversational tone works best. Remember to write as if you were talking to a friend. That doesn’t mean you should use slang or street jargon (proper grammar is still important!), but it does mean you should stay away from phrases like “Dear Sir” or “Madam.”

3. Use dynamic content. Are you emailing current customers? Then be sure to leverage their past website usage or purchase history to send them customized messages. Are they new customers interested in white papers? Then be sure to let them know where your site’s resource library is so they can read other white papers if they’d like to.

4. Write with a purpose. Remember where your prospect is in their sales cycle. Are they still in the research phase? Or, have they already gone to your pricing page and requested more in-depth information? Each prospect requires customized attention.

5. Include information about who you are. For example, an email sent by the actual sales representative who will handle an account is much more effective than a generic sender (i.e. “”). This also allows responses to be routed to the correct person.