Creating a Drip Program

There are three items that you will need to have before creating a drip program.

  1. The logic behind your drip program. Whether you are using a drip program to nurture new leads or to re-engage old prospects, you will need to think through the logic behind the process. Do you want to send an email and pause 10 days before sending another or pause 30 days? What content are you hoping to share with your prospects? When should the nurturing tracks divide? Use the options below to create your Drip Program Logic.
  2. Send email
    Has prospect clicked the link?
    Jump to Step
    Assign to User
    Assign to Group
    Notify User
    Notify Assigned User
    Add to list
    Remove from list

  3. Create a recipient list for your drip program. Create the list of prospects that you would like to place on the drip program to receive drip emails or you can choose an existing list. You will also need a suppression lists if you would like to ensure that certain prospects do not receive the drip. For example, you may choose to suppress a list of current customers so they do not receive the lead nurturing emails from the drip program. For instructions to create a list and suppression list see, Lists and Suppression List.
  4. Emails to be included in the drip. You will need to create emails that will be sent throughout the drip program. See Emails Templates.

For examples of drip programs with images and best practices information, see Drip Program Sample Templates.

For step by step instructions on creating a drip program, see Drip Programs (Lead Nurturing).

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