Creating a 360-Degree Consumer Profile with Automation


The age of big data is upon us and I have to be honest — I?m a little disappointed.

As a consumer, I?m supposed to be on the receiving end of personalized, meaningful marketing fueled by data. Instead, I log into Facebook and see advertisements for a litany of new Facebook games, despite never playing a game on Facebook. I open my email to see a dozen or so messages for services I haven’t used in months. And that was just this morning.

Although I bet this is pretty standard fare for most consumers, we deserve better! This is the same kind of broadcast-style marketing that brands claim to be getting away from and that consumers hate. These brands are missing an opportunity to deliver personalized messaging, in the right place, and at the right time. So what?s holding them back?

It?s a Data Issue

Believe it or not, brands aren?t just disregarding the times and opting for the outdated batch-and-blast style by choice (at least most aren?t). The issue is that brands are just not getting a complete picture of their consumers.

Most companies already possess a staggering amount of information about their customers and prospects, but this information is siloed into a number of different locations, preventing what Richard Ting over at the Harvard Business Review referred to as a “360-degree customer profile.”

However, tapping into these silos and creating that 360-degree customer profile is the key to marketing that can engage and deliver the breakthrough marketing promised by big data. So how can you tap into all of this data? With marketing automation, of course!

Let?s take a look at all the different angles automation can provide on your customers.

What they?re saying

Marketing automation solutions import a customer or prospect’s social data directly into their profile. This makes it easy to see what a consumer is saying, what they are interested in, and if their brand sentiments have changed.

Advantage: Deliver relevant, (near) real-time marketing that hits the mark.

What they?re doing

Marketing automation keeps you informed of a prospects activity, even when you?re not interacting with them. See which pages of your site they are visiting, what they are reading, and what they are downloading. This allows you to put real context and value into your conversations with them.

Advantage:  More intelligently push content and experiences that are tailored to your consumer’s interests.

What they?ve experienced

With Pardot?s recent integration with Uservoice, companies can now integrate customer service information directly into a prospect or customer’s profile. This will give sales reps visibility into how a prospect experiences a demonstration or trial, provide your services team information on which users have a positive view of the product and might be receptive to an upsell campaign email, and show your product team who they should be asking for feedback.

Advantage: Improve a customer?s lifetime value by providing better service and engaging them with better content.

As companies collect more and more data points about their consumers and their behavior, the ability to tap into your stores of data becomes more and more important. As consumers grow to expect more personalized marketing, the company the truly excels will not be the one that shouts the loudest, but the one that creates the most relevant, data-driven marketing.

Is your consumer data living in different silos? How are you creating a complete picture of your consumer? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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